Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Grammarly Discovered!

I have discovered a new app that is so awesome that will make my life easier. It's GRAMMARLY!!!! I think that I have heard it before, but somehow I tend to ignore it. So after this I can update my blog post without any worries because I know that my grammar is automatically checked. Such a genius app. Blessed to those who developed this app for making other people's life easier and better. =D

Actually, when I was walking along the corridor, I thought about how can I check my students' essay homework without having a hard time checking all their grammar mistakes? It crossed my mind that maybe there is an application which can help me to check their grammar mistakes. So, I should Google it. Then, I found Grammarly. Thank God.

I am really excited to start using Grammarly in my lesson. It will absolutely help my students a lot. I will update on how my Grammarly-based-lesson works in the future.

Monday, 19 October 2015

The Martian Review

Never been before that I was so excited going to the cinema for a movie. I do not usually spend my weekends at the mall, watching the latest movies or what so ever, probably because I am such a boring dork. However, this time, I am so full of enthusiasm to watch this - how do I say - brilliant movie of all time, The Martian.

The sci-fi movie starred by Matt Damon as Mark Watley was about an astronaut who had mistakenly presumes dead and left behind on Mars who then fought to survive. Luckily as a botanist, he managed to extend his life for about more than 500 sol days (500 mission days) alone on the Red Planet. 

Being a science education graduate with limited background knowledge on advanced sciences, I was quite amazed on how he managed to create the water by using hydrazine - a common monopropellant used for manoeuvring spacecraft. The decomposition reaction in the presence of catalyst created the final product of molecular nitrogen and hydrogen gas. This hydrogen gas undergoes combustion to create water which then used for the potato plantation. That was so brilliant. 

Besides that, there were so many interesting science facts that I had learned in this film. Even now I am fully aware of the importance of mathematics in science. Everything in this universe can be interpreted with numbers and endless of calculations. Sitting for more than two hours in the cinema really opened my eyes to view other branches of science like chemistry and physics as such amazing science fields as same as biology which I like the most, that I should make a lot of readings. 

I would really suggest everybody to watch this film especially science stream students so they will be inspired to become one of the greatest scientists in future. Who knows maybe one day you will be a scientist whose named engraved on the pass card with NASA logo on top of it. 

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Collaborative Learning Workshop - Hamburger Paragraph

Date: 15th October 2015
Venue: SK Bandar Sunway.
Programme: SECOM - Collaborative Learning Workshop

My group which consist of three teachers - Revaty, Kalaivani and me myself had been appointed as the facilitators for the workshop, together with other 24 teachers from other schools. We had been given a task to come out with an activity to teach writing skills for the upper primary school students. 

After series of discussions, we had decided to come out with an activity named Hamburger Paragraph. Do not get confused. HAM in the Hamburger does not mean pork or pigs related, but instead the word Hamburger originated from the word Hamburg - a place in Germany. 

The activity was so simple and can be carried out easily during the lesson.

My group members

Hamburger paragraph example

Hamburger Paragraph map

Today's Lesson Tweet as the lesson's Parking Lot

Monday, 12 October 2015

MC for Conference

Date: 10 October 2015
Venue: Dewan Konvensyen, UPSI
Programme: 3rd International Postgraduate Conference on Science and Mathematics 2015

On 10th of October 2015, I had been given a task to be a Master of Ceremony with my coursemate Asyikin for the 3rd International Postgraduate Conference on Science and Mathematics 2015. It was my second time to handle the event with English medium. The first time was during my degree years in Maktab but not as big in scale as this event. The event was called SAGa, which stands for Science Academic Gathering 2010 hosted a forum and a debate session on the issue of nuclear energy.

The moment when I received the phone call from Shikin, asking me whether I wanted to become an MC for the event or not, I was quite astonished. For the whole week, I kept on thinking about what was going to happened next. Am I ready for this? Should I just reject the offer? I did not know

It was then, when we met the protocol committee, I was quite relieved. The committee members lead by Dr. Nurul were so helpful and cooperative. We also were glad to meet Cik Reen, our MC sifu who had prepared all the scripts and guided us through the event. It was a very pleasure moment to have been worked with all of them.

Wefie with Cik Reen at the back

MCs in action

Done with the job

Wefie #2

Wefie #3 with Shafik and Hafizah