Sunday, 1 January 2017

Hello 2017!

H   E   L   L   O      2   0   1   7   ! ! !

New year. New resolution. Project paper done. Master's studies done. It is time for me to start fresh. This year I am planning to be more active in social media. But for the good course, though. 

Updated all my social platform. Instagram, twitter, blogger and youtube channel. So this year you will see more updates from me. Because my new year resolution is to start to embrace my life by giving an active kickstart on fitness and outdoor activities. So my Dahon will be back on the track. 

I also will embrace my teaching life by giving more updates on my weekly lesson activities in the classroom. At least those who come across this dusty blog or youtube channel can gain something from it. 

Everything regarding my life will be documented here in the blog and all my social media platforms. So, when I sit on a rocking chair during my golden years I can scroll back and submerge in all those memories. =) 

I hope that this year would bring something amazing in my life. I will start embracing my life and becoming a better Muslim. InsyaAllah. | MHM