Monday, 30 July 2018


Kala mentari di ufuk baru hendak menyapa
Terkadang tak diundang
Terkadang serasa betapa tiap titisnya menyubur rahmat
Pagi ini
Bumi ini basah
Kerana hadirmu


Saturday, 21 July 2018

Bon Odori Festival 2018

We left home at around 6.00 pm. Quite late to be honest. Had our dinner first at Mak Uda TTDI. Then, headed straight to the venue. The road in front of the stadium was heavily congested. As expected. We eventually managed to park our car at Section 19 which is 15 minutes walk to the venue. For the sake of the first experience.

Soon, we reached the venue at 8.00 pm, where I headed straight to Musolla, located by the side of the stadium. The queue was quite long. It is a normal thing during Maghrib prayer in public places though. I stood up in the line for 30 minutes just to take the wudhu'. Tips for the day - bring along 2L mineral water bottles to any big events so we can avoid the wudhu' queue.

Only that when I was the third person in the line from the tap, suddenly it ran out of the water. Devastated. How on earth could I go back in line to the next tap? It took 20 minutes just to reach this freaking tap. An idea suddenly crossed my mind. I told the young guy in front of me to suck the water out. And it worked!! 5 years of hostel life in SEMESTI had really taught me some basic survival skills. Finally, I was able to perform my wudhu'. Only the Wajib part. Cleaned once for each body parts and skipped the ears. Then, performed my Maghreeb prayer.

Soon after, we headed to the field where the dance took place. We danced to the song and took some photos with a few Japanese in Yukatas, and also the UM engineering students who happened to learn Japanese. Not many activities managed to be done there since all the booths were packed with people and of course, all Japanese foods and merchandises can be found in AEON.

The event ended at 9.30 pm. It was tiring yet fun. Will be coming back next year. For sure.