Thursday, 20 November 2014

Crazy Hat Day

In conjunction with the Children Day celebration, year 4 teachers had organised a program called Crazy Hat Day. Actually I decided to do this activity for my class party, but as year 4 students were not allowed to do the end year party, so I proposed this idea to year 4 teachers. Due to their awesomeness, the teachers agreed to go on with this activity. Lots of hats with different colours, themes, patterns and figures I had seen today. I was actually quite surprised to see parents’ cooperation when it comes to making creative stuffs. I do believed that if teachers put the efforts to do something for their kids, the parents will always be around with their helping hands. Overall, I do appreciate the full support and commitment given by the year 4 teachers. See you in the next year Crazy Hat Day.

Faces of 4 Jed

Me with my kids, 4 Jed

4 Kristal

Creative hats, 4 Jed

4 Jed - one of the winning Crazy Hat

4 Kristal - one of the winning Crazy Hat

4 Kristal - Fruitilicious

Me with 4 Zamrud

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Readers Theatre Competition - KSSR The Jungle Book

This is my second last project for the year. With the help of the awesome and supportive Year 4 teachers and English teachers of SK Jalan U3, we managed to organise a Readers Theatre Competition 2014.

As we are all aware that KSSR Year 4 encompasses a literature component of The Jungle Book, so this competition is the best platform for the pupils in expressing their appreciation towards the graphic novel. Besides that, this competition is also aimed at instilling the reading habit among the students as well as to discover new talents in art performance.

The format is quite simple. Benches are provided on the stage. Participants or I called as "Reader Actors" need to sit on the bench and stand up during their turn in reading out the script. The team also could move around during the performance, based on their own creativity.

Marks given mainly focus on the fluency of reading. 50 for pronunciation and intonation. 30 for facial expression and 20 for props and costumes. That is why it is called Readers Theatre Competition, not Theatre competition.

The thing that did made me proud was to see my students from the 4 Firus (last class) to perform on the stage, although their reading skills were very limited. At least they had the guts and confidence to be on the stage.

Puan Suraiyah, our Senior Assistant of Curriculum attended the event. While watching the performaces, she asked for the English teachers to perform the readers theatre ad lib. I actually was quite surprised and worried if the other teachers might disagreed with the suggestion. To my amazed, the teachers (including me of course!) willingly went up to the stage and performed spontaneously. And we even received the loudest ovation and cheers from the students. =)

Puan Suraiyah accompanied by Kak Faridah gave away the prizes. 4 Jed was crowned as the Champion. (of course with their over the top performance. Haha). 4 Kristal won the 1st runner up and 4 Zamrud won the 2nd runner up.

Overall, this competition ran smoothly as what I had expected. Thanks to extremely superb Year 4 students and superbly awesome Year 4 teachers and English teachers. See you again in the next Readers Theatre Competition 2015.