Thursday, 27 March 2014

MH370 – a moment to remember

Seeing Malaysian news casters burst into tears did touched my heart. The short snippet was about a letter written by the wife of the missing cabin crew.

Imagine after waiting with hopes for such a long time, all of sudden you need to start your day tomorrow without the presence of love one. May Allah gives her strength in moving on with her life. Amin.

After the devastating news announced by the prime minister, it is sad to see how devastated the family members were. It is normal to see such a reaction from them. But to see someone cries in silence are more heartbreaking than seeing someone wailing and screaming when they are crying.

This is what we call the beauty of Islam. Only the strong believe in God’s existence and his Qada’ and Qadr will just put our sadness and grievances into nothingness. Still sad and still praying.