Thursday, 30 August 2018

Upin & Ipin's Field Trip: South Korea

Things always come across my mind on the eleventh hour. This time it is about my personal project for Korean Malaysian Teacher Transfer Programme (KOMTEP). In less than one week I was able to get some traditional costumes, tailor-made Upin & Ipin's Baju Melayu, designed the bunting and programme brochure for the launching ceremony, learnt how to operate Adobe Illustrator and even flew my GoPro Karma drone for the very first time since I bought it 3 months ago. Pheww... What a hectic week it was. Thanks to my friends, Nethia, Kak Faizah, Aweng Dueng, Mon, Siti Nakiah, and Hanim for giving much needed helping hands through the entire week.

With the help of these wonderful teachers, I was able to pull a minuscule yet successful Launching Ceremony for Upin & Ipin's Field Trip to South Korea project. The project was actually a brainchild of my Senior Assistant, Pn Hashimah Hashim who suggested that I should bring a travelling teddy bear which in this case Upin & Ipin for the photoshoot at different interesting landmarks in South Korea. 

In addition, I had decided to incorporate the Upin & Ipin plush toys into my cultural lesson which is aimed at making them as the ambassador for cultural exchange between Malaysian and Korean cultures. A few Korean students will be selected to spend their weekends with Upin and Ipin at their respective home. This will enable Malaysian students to understand how the Korean kids live their life on a daily basis. 

I also would like to express my gratitude to our Mdm Headmistress, Pn Hajah Nafisah for officiating the launching ceremony of the project and for being very supportive towards my KOMTEP journey. To all my friends in SK Jalan U3, thank you from the bottom of my heart. See you in 2019!


Wednesday, 1 August 2018


Kadangkala kita lupa pada upaya seni dan budaya bangsa dalam menyubur syiar dakwah melalui tiap bait dan kata berunsur nasihat. Tidak hanya irama padang pasir yang berselang bahasa Arab, serta irama moden berwajah nasyid mampu mendukung citra Islami. Kerana kita juga punya khazanah bangsa yang subur dengan pesan-pesanan membentuk akhlak dan budi pekerti. 


Kelab Kebudayaan | Dikir Barat | Wau Bulan | 2018