Saturday, 1 August 2015

Moving Out

I have taken a bold decision in moving out and rent out an apartment at Subang Bestari. Perhaps my mother and other family members can come over and stay once in a while.

The apartment is a brand new which makes it even comfortable to stay in. Hassle free. Everything is completely new. It is like I just bought that house. I am also quite surprised to know that the owner is 2 years younger than me. Quite ashamed to rent a house from a person younger than me. 

Moving over is a tiring process. Yesterday I had done searching for the basic furniture in IKEA with my best buddy. I managed to buy the sofa, dining set, tv bench, wardrobe and coffee table for less than 3k. People might think why are you spending so much for the furniture? Why don't you just buy the cheap furniture at Chinese shop? The answer is simple. I believe that when you chose any furniture, you should choose the best and most durable one. I am the one that really stick to anything when I really love it. So having Ikea furniture is the best  and it will stick with me for perhaps 20 years from now.

On our way to IKEA, we had stopped at the Tesco's clearance sale. I managed to get Sharp LED 39" tv for just RM850. Besides that, I also grabbed a mini HiFi for RM400 only.

May Allah ease in everything that I am doing and blessed my new house. Amiinn.

Furniture hunting at Ikea

Cleaning in action

Living hall - enough space for me

Kitchen + Diner

IKEA home delivery - furnitures safely arrived on the next day

Starting to work on the project

KIVIK 3 seated sofa in progress

Mr. Carpenter fixing the DOMBÅS wardrobe  
BYÅS TV bench done 
Living Room project - 1st phase done

JOKKMOKK Dining set

My humble kitchen + diner

SAMSUNG Washing machine from TESCO.
I decided to grab this display unit which
only cost me RM800+.


HESSTAR Drier. I bought it from LAZADA.

The drier. No more hanging the laundry.