Thursday, 31 August 2017

The National Day 2017

Home - To Where We Belong

This is our small home,
Built underneath the blue sky,
From places afar we had come,
Seeking shelter for days ahead.

This is our small home,
Unknown and apart we used to be,
Through ages, we grow to become,
One big family,
Different yet bound with similarities.

This is our small home,
No matter how severe the storm is,
No matter how damaged our home will be,
Together, we will build it again,
Brick by brick,
Because this is our small home,
And home is where we shall be.

Hafiz Mungin
Seri Iskandar | 31st Aug. 2017 

Wishing all Malaysian, Selamat Hari Kebangsaan Ke 60. Dirgahayu, Malaysiaku!

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Saturday, 26 August 2017

The Spirit of KL SEA Games 2017

It might be a bit late for me to update about SEA games which had already started last weekend. Nevertheless, being able to witness this biennial sport live at the venue, I feel that why not share some of the sweet moments and perhaps my views about the game. I am no sportsman nor an athlete myself but still, I do appreciate good sporting events especially athletics.

My friends and I - four of us actually, gathered at school as we were about to carpool in order to go there. Luckily, one of my colleagues decided to give us a ride to the stadium. Thanks to Najwan. Frankly speaking, it's been a while since I last went to the National Stadium of Bukit Jalil, perhaps 20 years back. And to see changes within the sports complex which now becoming such a world class sporting venue did make me proud as a Malaysian. My confidence in our nation's ability to achieve the Vision 2020 is finally restored.

To be honest, I love everything about this KL 2017 SEA Games. From the newly renovated stadiums and aquatic center with sleek designs to top notch facilities around the complex. Food trucks, roofed pedestrian walkways, new surau that could accommodate large numbers of worshippers, volunteers with helping hands, and street bands that charged up the mood once in a while. Everything is very nice and world class. Perhaps we are ready for Olympic. InsyaAllah one day.

Speaking of the event. It was my first time watching a spectacular large event like SEA games at the stadium. So, I was like superbly excited especially when seeing our home athletes winning some golds. We were clapping and cheering till the very end. Congratulations to all the athletes for winning the medals especially men's hurdle, discus throw and high jump athletes which I had already witnessed this afternoon. Seeing them in action inspired me to stick up with my fitness routine. ͰM

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Call of Duty - RMN Reserve

I am superbly excited! Finally, the long-awaited news has come. It's the PSSTLDM selection day. Honestly, I have been waiting for this moment since 5 years back. There were several times that I missed out the selection dates back then due to some unexpected circumstances. So, this time, by hook or by crook, I will definitely come to the selection day.

Still, a dream without an action is just a wish. Inevitably, you need to be in a very good shape in order to be part of a military team. Ergo, the first step is to plan out the daily fitness routine which will take an approximately one whole month to be accomplished. The routines include 1.2 km jogging, 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, 50 pull-ups, cycling, swimming, skipping. And the list goes on. Pheew.. Hope that I could make it till the end.

Now, it is time for my dusty treadmill at home to start working back again. It's a no joke that I haven't had any exercise routines for ages. Seriously, I need to start kicking my fat ass and burn some calories. Wish me luck coz I absolutely need it. Lots of it. =P

Hopefully, by going through all the preparations and physical activities throughout this whole month, I will be selected to be part of the Navy reservist, serving the nation with pride. InsyaAllah. Couldn't wait to check off my bucket lists. ͰM

Saturday, 12 August 2017

My New Study Port

Being a part time student in a university which located about 73 kilometers away from your home did make it hard for me to be able to access the library facility in order to write my thesis or proposal. Not to mention all the cost spent on fuel and tolls which cost an approximately RM50 per trip. Therefore, I decided to visit other libraries in the vicinity of Klang Valley.

I have been to IIUM's library before with my friend. The atmosphere was good but the strict regulation on gender segregation did give both of us chills. =D. So, we decided to visit some other campuses as there are 5 public universities situated in the Klang Valley namely UM, UPM, UiTM, IIUM, UKM, and UTM. Our next stop would be the University of Malaya, which situated only 22 kilometers away.

It was my first time visiting the library. I was quite excited actually after seeing the photos of a stylish and hip library in social media. The first visit was quite okay as I was able to make some reference to the thesis collections. (more than UPSI of course). But the best part was when we finally found the CoLA or Collaborative Learning Area on our second visit. Just exactly like the photos in social media. It was so nice that we even had 'why we didn't study in UM' moment. Seriously. =D

Finally, I found my study port. Thanks to Dr. (2b) Siti Fatimah for accompanying me there. Hopefully, I will stay focus and work out progressively on my proposal and thesis. InsyaAllah. ͰM