Sunday, 31 May 2015

1st Draft of BSMM Activity Module

Alhamdulillah. Finally, I have done my first draft of BSMM Module to be used in our school. With no formal training on red cross and red crescent knowledge, preparing the module was quite a challenge for me. But still, I had gathered informations from the internet and made some adjustments to accommodate the cognitive development of primary school pupils. I do hoped that this self-made-module can benefit all.

Modul Aktiviti BSMM Sekolah Rendah

Rumah Hijau The Hulk

It might be a bit late for me to update on the event of Hari Kejohanan Sukan Sekolah. Though Green House did not managed to get the overall champion but still I am quite happy for my athlete’s achievement on the track and field categories. As this year theme was Superheroes, we had chosen the Incredible Hulk as our theme and mascot. Here are some photos on the sport day itself.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

My New Buddy - Dahon

Finally, after months of day and night dreaming, I decided to buy the folding bicycle. It is Dahon MuP8 20" model. I bought this bike from USJ Cycles shop in USJ. It costs about RM1500 which is quite reasonable.

There are other models such as Raleigh (UK Brand) which cost about RM800 something and also XDS (China Brand) that cost almost the same as my bike but with additional features such as disc brakes and more sporty looks.

The reasons I choose this bike is because firstly, Dahon specializes in folding bikes compared to other brands which makes it more reliable. Secondly, it is more compact and tidier when you fold the Dahon bike compared to the other brands. That is why I had chosen this bike to be my buddy.

Why did I bought the folding bike instead of usual mountain bike or road bike? The answer is simple. I can store it in my car's boot which make it easier for me to use it if I wanted to cycle in different places such as Putrajaya, Shah Alam or in the campus. You just can park your car  and started to cycle wherever and whenever you want.

So, for those who decided to start cycling, I suggest that you buy this bike as a start or get this bike (or any folding bikes) as it is very convenient and ready on the go. Let's start a Cycling Nation!

Dahon MuP8" folding bike.