Sunday, 25 December 2016

Master's Life - The End

Alhamdulillah, I finally submitted my project paper to the faculty. After years of struggling, the suffering finally comes to an end. Frankly speaking, writing a thesis or project paper was quite daunting where there were times which I seldom felt down and demotivated like this thing would never end. I did not think that I would be able to finish it up. But luckily I did. =) 

Thanks to my supervisor, Dr. Siti Shamsiah for her guidance throughout my project paper write up. I would say that I was lucky to have her as my SV though she was a bit strict. There are lots of new things that I had learnt from her. My tips to anyone who is struggling with the write-up, just listen to your SV. Unless you are very firm about one or two things in your research project. 

My thanks also go to two great buddies that I luckily have to colour my life in UPSI, Fatimah and Azim. These two people give me the strength to endure this journey of postgrad life. I could not imagine how boring my life would be walking around the campus all alone. I literally can die of boredom.

And one more thing, this moment got even sweeter when UPSI's official instapage congratulated soon after I uploaded the photo. I was like starstruck. 😍  So, that was a wrap up for two and a half years of my master's study. I am looking forward to the graduation day in September next year. Need to start losing my weight and hit the gym now or else, my convo's pic would be horrible like my degree's photo. | MHM

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Project Paper: Final Write-up

It's been a while since I last posted something on my blog. It was really hard for me to find time to blog since I was focusing on my project paper write-up. 

Alhamdulillah! After some months of hard works, (not too hard though =P) my project paper is finally finished. I did not even realize that my project paper had developed into a thick textbook which I found it very astonishing yet gratifying. 

Now it is time for me to take some rest and really enjoy my holiday before getting my head back on again, working for the second submission. Hopefully, it would turn out to be a minor correction. Aameen. | MHM

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Farewell The Pioneers...

It is time for me to say goodbye to The Pioneers - the nickname that I gave to nine young lads from year 6 who founded the u3kulele group. The group was founded just around 2 months ago, and we were having such a great time practicing and learning new songs and styles. There were so many memories made ever since. It's quite sad to say goodbye so very soon.

But still, as the saying goes, our lives wonder but the memories remain. Working with this boys gave me thousand of memories that will forever cherish in my heart. This would be the sweetest memory for this 2016 and hope that the incoming year of 2017 would bring even sweeter memories. InsyaAllah. 

I wish these boys the very best in their future endeavours. May they have great memories and experiences for their secondary school life. It is time to say goodbye boys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 😊 | MHM

The Pioneers - The Chapters End

Monday, 28 November 2016

U3kulele @unitar

Today we had an opportunity to perform at Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (Unitar) for the kindergarten graduation day. We were performing due to an invitation by the founder of the kindergarten, Puan Suzi. 

Frankly speaking I had mixed emotions where at first, I was quite proud and happy as they were performing for an invitation, out of the school. But at the same time I was quite sad to realize that it was their last ever performance as a U3kulele group. OMG this is supersad man! πŸ˜”

Anyway, the boys really made it though their performance did not as good as their 2nd performance at school. The only mistake was that they played the songs in slow tempo, which in turn makes the performance a bit dull. Overall they had done a good job. | MHM

Friday, 25 November 2016

Acoustic Nasheed @MAC

Today, the u3kulele group joined by school's nasheed team had successfully performed an acoustic nasheed, first ever kind of performance in our school or perhaps first ever in primary school πŸ˜‹. 

The idea of combining nasheed and ukelele came during the practicing session where some of u3kulele boys were nasheed group members, like Haziq and Kuchai. The problem happened when both team had the same practice time. U3kulele need to practice for Majlis Anugerah Kokurikulum and nasheed team need to practice as well for Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang which happened to be on the next 2 weeks.

So, instead of causing more trouble I suggested why not these u3kulele boys together with the nasheed team members perform an acoustic nasheed. I volunteerly offered to train these kids. Ustazah Zulaiha, the nasheed teacher agreed and she helped me a lot for the nasheed performance, especially in preparing the costumes for these boys.

Ustazah Zulaiha suggested the Ya Badrotim song and I suggested the evergreen song of Hukum Tuhan, made popular by Al-Mizan group, for the second song. It was hard for me to find the uke chord for these two songs, so instead I made up the chord myself. The boys were talented, Alhamdulillah, so they were able to grab and played well withuin the period of two weeks. 

Being a nasheed lover myself, my intuition of making these u3kulele boys performed some nasheed songs was to ensure that these boys appreciate some islamic songs which will in turn nurture their hearts and soul. These kind of songs also will somehow reminds them of Allah SWT, the Prophet SAW and their religion. This also at the same time give message to others that these kids were not just able to play some usual songs but rather they could play some nasheeds as well. 

Alhamdulillah, everything went fine and these boys nailed it! I had received some good comments from others as well. The boys even said that our ustazs and ustazahs were enjoing the performance.  So now, everybody is happy. I am so glad that they were able to perform the nasheed songs. May this small act of da'wa brings goodness to others and these boys as well. InsyaAllah 😊 | MHM

Ya Badrotim

Hukum Tuhan

Sunday, 20 November 2016


This is my second time emceeing for the International Postgraduate Conference for Science and Mathematics in UPSI. The event was organized by the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, UPSI. About a month earlier, Puan Reen had contacted me and offered me the job. I was quite surprised then, but still, I said to myself, why not. 

I then contacted my emcee partner, Shikin and she agreed as well. Though few incidents happened, Shikin managed to reach UPSI the night before the event. We even had our dinner at Sarang Art Hub, a best kept secret restaurant owned by Mamat Khalid - and luckily, Mamat Khalid was around that night. That was my first time seeing Mamat Khalid in person. 

On Saturday, the IPCSM event went smoothly just like last year. As usual, Puan Reen prepared the text for us, which made our job a lot easier. We also were given some token by Puan Reen. Thanks a lot for that. I also would like to thank her and those involved for giving me this second opportunity of standing on the same stage. 

Next year, I am planning to present my own paper during the event if I am not selected for an emcee. | MHM

Saturday, 12 November 2016

U3kulele's First Performance

Today my U3kulele group had an opportunity to showcase their talent by performing for their very first time ever. The performance was made in conjunction of Majlis Anugerah Kokurikulum. They did the cover of Count on Me, which is made popular by Bruno Mars and the evergreen song of Tanya Sama Itu Hud-Hud.

The young gentlemen of U3kulele

We got some overwhelming feedback from the teachers, parents, and most importantly our Mdm. Headmistress had given two thumbs up to our performance. To my surprise, one of the parents came and approached me soon after we had finished our performance. They were interested in inviting the team to make a performance for a preschool graduation day in Unitar, on 27th November. I was like "Wow, this is your first job guys!". The boys were extremely excited. So I told them that I was so delighted by the invitation and asked the parent to seek permission from our Mdm Headmistress. Hope that she will let us go. 

U3kulele stage crew

As for the performance, there are still many rooms for improvement. I hope that we can do our best for the upcoming event. InsyaAllah.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Establishing The U3kulele Group

It all started when I see this video of talented young gentlemen. The song, the sounds of ukulele, their voice, their style were all perfect. Then I started to talk to myself, Okay, I am going to do this with my students. But firstly I must have a ukulele and start learning to play it myself.

Then just months away before UPSR, I told one of my students. I wish that I can do this in this school. He then replied, let's do this. Jokingly I said, "Okey, then. You should buy a ukulele first of all." On the coming Monday, he came to see me with a ukulele in his hand, saying,"Mr. Hafiz, I bought this last weekend." OMG! I did not think that he take my words seriously. 

The next day I went searching all around Subang Jaya and The Curve, just to find that the ukulele needed was sold out. It was then I realized that there was a ukulele shop in One Utama. The name of the shop is SHAKA. My plan of buying RM100 something priced of ukulele failed when I ended up buying RM300 something ukulele.

From the day, I practiced playing ukulele on my own with the help of Youtube videos like Ukulele Teacher. Besides that, my colleague, Cikgu Saiful also showed my on how to have a good strumming pattern and teaching me the importance of knowing the basic chords like C, Em, Am, F and G. 

Back at school, the ukulele was becoming hot issues among the students as they kept on seeing their seniors bringing around the bag of ukulele every day. Some of them told me that they were going to save their Raya money just to buy the ukulele. Then, to my surprise, four boys started to buy the ukuleles, either from the shop or through Lazada. 

I had a meet up with these boys, teaching them the basic chord that they need to memorize Then, I gave them the chord of Count on Me and Tanya Sama Itu Hud-Hud. Since the first day of practicing, now after one week, they had made a lot of improvement. They will be having their first ever performance in coming Majlis Anugerah Kokurikulum. I really hoped that they will do their best. 

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Nasi Lemak

This time I planned of trying to cook Nasi Lemak. Why? Because I take up the challenge by Kak Dah, one of my colleague. She said that she wanted Nasi Lemak as the return of the lunch box given to me previously. After some searching done through the youtube videos and blogs, I decided to try a recipe posted by as it was quite simple and easy.

After 2 hours of working in the kitchen, the scrumptous Nasi Lemak complete with fried anchovies, fried peanuts, a slice of hard boiled egg and slices of cucumbers finally ready.

Alhamdulillah, I received a good feedback from insan-insan terpilih πŸ˜… who managed to taste my superbly incredible Nasi Lemak of the century. They are Kak Dah, Puan Suzi and my friend, Nethia. Though the sambal was so dry and gummy. Luckily no diarrhea cases reported. 😁

Inspired by the compliments, I think I will try other recipes in the future. Perhaps Nasi Tomato 😎

Ingredients for sambal

Sambal done!

Ingredients for the rice

SautΓ©ing the onions for the rice

Rice + coconut milk + sautΓ©ed onions + pandan leaves + margerine
 + salt + ginger
A complete set of Nasi Lemak

Monday, 18 April 2016

My Bento

This year I had decided to start bringing my own bento to school. To this date Alhamdulillah, I managed to run this bento project for about 3 weeks which in turn saved my pocket money a lot. And it also helped me to stick to my diet plan. Imagine me sitting in the canteen with all the scrumptious foods. I even used to spend until RM 11 just for a single meal. Now I can really save up my pocket and my belly. 

Frankly speaking, I do not cook. The only thing I know of is actually cooking the plain rice and frying an egg. Now that I am living alone, plus the financial status that is not promising, I picked up some cooking skills by referring to the blogs and youtube videos. Dapur Bujang actually inspires me to cook because whenever I watch the series on Youtube, it seemed like cooking is something that is so easy. Why not I give it a try.

So, from just cooking the egg fries, I started to try some other recipes. Mixed veggies are my latest masterpiece. =P 

1st attempt - fried egg, rice & sambal hitam

2nd attempt - scrambled eggs, sambal hitam, apple & veggies

3rd attempt - omelette, rice & tempe

4th attempt - upgrade sket.😎  Rice, mixed veggies & orange

Saturday, 12 March 2016


Congratulations to the newly appointed class monitor, Muhammad Farhan Arif and the class assistant, Nusratina Batrisyia. It was quite a simple ceremony done in the classroom which for some people, it brings no significance. But still, I truly believed that this small little thing meant so much to them as it brings up the sense of appreciation to both of them. It is my hope that they will build-up the leadership skills throughout the year of their service in this class and perhaps one day will become the best leaders. Insya Allah.

Faces of future leaders

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Zoo Negara Field Trip

This is my first field trip that I ever planned and I am so excited!!! Never before had I planned a trip even during my years in Maktab because I am the type of person who does not like to deal with documents and going through the tiring procedures. Forms, paperwork, letters, you name it. But now, I realised that the process of planning the trip was quite easy. 

After completing and sending all the documents needed to PPD and passing the letters of permission to the parents, I went to the Zoo Negara 2 days prior for a survey. It is important so that I could become more familiarised with the place.

On the field trip day, we firstly had our breakfast at the school canteen with the delicious fried noodles and hot tea. The bus leaves the school compound at 8.00 am and arrived at the zoo around 9.00 am. When we tried to purchase the tickets, the online system was down, so the zoo management issued traditional receipt instead of the wristbands. The entrance fee was RM11 for school students and RM16 for teachers. These fees included the pass to observed the panda. 

After giving a short briefing to the teachers and students, each group went separately to the specified animals. The animals for my groups (four groups of them) were quite far from others, so we need to rush up and kept the fast pace at all the time. 

All group gathered at the Kids World at 11.30 am, right before the Animal Show started. After the show, they walked out to the zoo entrance for some snacks and lunch. All students were firstly required to wash their hands with Dettol handwash provided and dried them up using the napkin, also provided. I really put an emphasis on the hygiene aspect because we do not know where these children's hand been to touch. 

After having our meal under the shady trees, we went in back again and headed straight to the Panda Complex. It was quite a big complex which houses 3 famous pandas in Malaysia. We only managed to see the male panda and sadly he was enjoying his napping time. Around 2.30 pm, we went straight to the Musolla to perform our Zuhur prayer before heading back to school at 3.00 pm. And that was the wrap of our field trip.

I had some positive feedbacks from the teachers and the students. Most of them said that though it was a tiring trip but they were really enjoyed the trip and had a great time at the National Zoo. I hoped that I will be able to plan another exciting trip in the future, Insya Allah.  

Done surveying the site

Happy faces of 5 Dinamik

Ready to explore the zoo

Animal show which I had missed because I was busy with the food packs

Hand sanitizing before having our lunch

Photoshoot at Panda complex

Busy taking the information about panda

Zoo Negara: Misson Accomplished!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Balcony Gardening

It is almost a year since the idea of setting up my own balcony garden first crossed my mind. Now that I have some extra money, I had bought the gardening utensils required for this project. To make things easier, I bought all the seeds, some pots and the gardening soil from Tesco Ara Damansara though it cost more than buying from the plant nursery. 

Apart from the gardening tools and materials, I also bought a rack from IKEA which cost about RM70. On the shopping day, I was planning on getting the HYLLIS steel rack which cost only about RM40 but unfortunately, it was out of stock. I was quite disappointed at first but soon when I fixed up the rack, it really suits with the size of my balcony which then lead to the "nasib baik beli yang ni" moment. =P

After fixing up the rack, I sowed the seeds and water them in hope that they will soon grow healthily and happily. Now, I am officially a Balcony Gardener. =)

Some gardening materials

My tomato seeds begin to sprout 

KOM Technical Officer

I was on my practical duty as a KOM (Kesatuan Olahraga Malaysia) technical officer from 22nd February until 2nd March at the Track and Field Championship MSSD Petaling Perdana 2016. I was appointed as the "Penolong Pelepas" together with En. Jasman (a newbie as well) and En. Alias (experienced KOM officer).

It was a new experienced for me and I found it quite exciting as I had gained so much of knowledge from the experienced officers like En. Alias, En. Hamid, Kak Wan etc. In order to be fully qualified as a KOM officer, I need to undergo 5 major events. Two down, three to go. I hoped that I would be able to join the MSSS event in April, insya Allah.

With co-officer - Cikgu Jasman
Starting area
The officers of the event
Me with the quarter masters

Monday, 11 January 2016

English Lesson: Family Day

Second week has just started and I decided to give out the first group work task to my students. Last week I had asked them to come out with an activity or games that they can do during the family day and here are the games that they have come out with.

Due to the fact that this was their first time to have a group presentation, there were rooms for improvements. I believe that they will be able to improve and deliver their best through time. For the first attempt, job well done kids.

Sweets in the flour

Three Legged Race

Zombie Game

Balloon Race

Ping-pong Ball in Spoon Race