Friday, 27 February 2015

Class Reshuffle

Today all year 5 classes had undergone reshuffling process where the students need to move according to their new classes. At the beginning I was informed that there will be 9 new members that will join our 5 Dinamik class. So, I told the students that whenever new members of 5 Dinamik will be announced, they need to welcome the new members with applause as a welcoming gesture.

But 10 minutes before the reshuffling process started, I received the bad news. I told the students that I am so sorry that there will be some members moving out to other class. It was then when the process began, I soon realised that my students were so frustrated and sad. Even now I am still can  remember their sad faces.

I was sad too because we had so many great moments in the classroom. From English lessons to decorating the classroom. All were great memmories. We transformed our classroom to become the 5 Dinamik space agency, pasting all alien stuffs, hanging solar system on the wall, you name it. We even had planned to have our very own 5 Dinamik field trip to the National Planetarium this year. I am so sad that these kids will never be able to join us.

The parents in my 5 Dinamik group were quite dissapointed as well to see that their children went back home sulky, gloomy, sad and some even crying. Some parents did asked me to just make thier children stay in the 5 Dinamik classroom.

Unfortunately, all the things happened were beyond my control.  No matter how sad we are, life must go on. I hope that these kids will enjoy their time in other classroom. It might be taking some time to adapt, but I know they will survive and enjoy their new classroom. Once again, thank you for the great memories we had in the classroom, children....

Monday, 23 February 2015

Lesson: Superheroes Meeting

Topic 3
KSSR English Year 5
Module: Listening and Speaking

I had previously asked my pupils to prepare a costume of superhero that they wanted to be. The idea should be original and authentic that should not be a copy of superhero that we can see on film or television.

To my amazed, they had came out with superbly creative ideas. There were Zero Girl, Zorro Boy, Super Mechanic, Lightning Girl and many more! Each superheroes had been given a chance to talk about themselves and thier superpowers. The other groups then asked 3 questions from page 22.

When I did the Superheroes Meeting in 5 Dinamik, I can see that they were so passive and a bit shy at first. But soon later, the girls who were so quite had raised their hands, started asking questions to other superheroes. I could see that they were now comfortable in my classroom. They might had just need some extra motivations and encouragements.

Overall, I am so proud that they had put their full effort into this project. Even the parents were so helpful. This will be a kickstart for a more exciting English lessons in the future. InsyaAllah...

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Second Issue of Quest! Magazine

This year, I had set up the new editorial team among year 5 students. They were chosen based on certain criteria that I had outlined. Some of them were my students in Year 4 last year, so I know their ability very well. Then I gave them an opportunity to choose their own team that they think were capable of working with them. 

As last year only one issue of Quest! Magazine was published due to my other workloads constraints, this year I really want to make sure that new issues will be released each month. And this time, all things must be done by the students themselves. I will only be the supervisor.

This is their first time working as a team and first time working in an editorial team, so sometimes I need to repeat certain instructions, keep reminding about the dateline, re-explaining the same things over and over again...I really don't mind doing that. This is the process of learning. It is normal for kids. You need to keep on repeating the same things over and over again so that they will have a clear picture of what they are supposed to do.

One of the thing that made my day was when our team interviewed Puan Goon about CNY. There were a reporter, camerawomen and a photographer on duty. I just stood back and watched these kids in action. They were so good that I did not even need to interrupt the interview session what so ever. After the session, they were so happy and excited, and could not wait for the next project. I could see the shines in their eyes.

In the end, I was really quite surprised to see their ability to complete the task given. They were able to come out with their own article, interesting info, writing dedication forms, finding suitable word search for the monthly contest, etc.

Though some sections were unable to be completed. So I went for plan B in order to cope with the final deadline. Well, we should not be too rigid especially when dealing with the children.
 could see them happy when the magazines were ready to be stapled. After stapling about 400 copies of magazines, they opened a sales counter and kept on promoting to the students and other teachers. At the end of the day, we managed to get about RM120 for the sales. About half of the copies were sold. We planned to continue selling after CNY. This will be a kickstart for a more exciting year for Quest! Magazine editorial team. InsyaAllah...

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Classroom Project 1

Last Tuesday (3rd Feb. 2015) - which was Thaipusam public holiday - my students and I decided to be in school for our very first communal work. The work involved lots of cutting and pasting. As the theme is outer space, I had decided to do a solar system featured wall. We had pasted a row of glitters coated foams, in order to form a sets of planets. It was a quite simple and easy task as the students need to cut the foams into circles of varied sizes..

The kids started working after the briefing session

Cutting and pasting

The kids are alligning the planets into position

Preparing planet earth

Our information board - still empty but it will be filled up soon

Our back side wall - before

Our behind wall - after (just ignore the messed up chairs and desks)

Wordings on our left side wall. Still working on it.

Interior view of our main entrance. I was lucky enough to get the outerspace themed flashcards from Mydin.

Overall, I am satisfied with the work done for this time. Good jobs kid. This would be our very first decoration project. First phase done, five to go. I am expecting to get all the job done by March so that we can focus on other things. Lucky me that I have a bunch of cooperative students and supportive parents that will make all things happened.