Sunday, 23 April 2017

Establishing the Marching Band

I like to try working with something new every single day. That is why I could not stick with routines, whether at home or at work. I will try out some new things especially at school where it is blessed with kids with full of potential. It does not have to be perfect. It just has to be something new and fresh. That is why I love my job as a teacher so very much due to the chances gained in trying out new things day in and day out.

This time I managed to establish a marching band for our school. In just one week, 30 students were given the newly bought melodicas and drums to rock on the Oh When the Saints song at our annual sports' day. At first, the challenge was that there were not enough musical instruments like drums and melodicas. Even the drums were in such a poor condition.

I then discussed with some music teachers and the Head of Music Panel about the problem, which later approved by our Headmistress where she ordered 10 new melodicas and 3 drums. I was actually relieved that she approved my request in spite of its last minute nature. Soon after all the musical instruments received, I started training them with the song, the only song they will be playing during the opening ceremony.

The initial plan was the band would be playing for a short slot, but it turned out to be them playing all the way through the marching parade. I was quite nervous at first, but luckily they nailed it. We even played impromptu the short version of Superman Theme for the flag hoisting ceremony.

So far, I had received positive feedback from the teachers and the parents where they lauded the effort of establishing our very own marching band, moreover it is established in a primary school. I would like to thank all parties involved in making this marching band a reality. InsyaAllah we will try to put on more effort to present the best performance in future. ͰM