Saturday, 12 March 2016


Congratulations to the newly appointed class monitor, Muhammad Farhan Arif and the class assistant, Nusratina Batrisyia. It was quite a simple ceremony done in the classroom which for some people, it brings no significance. But still, I truly believed that this small little thing meant so much to them as it brings up the sense of appreciation to both of them. It is my hope that they will build-up the leadership skills throughout the year of their service in this class and perhaps one day will become the best leaders. Insya Allah.

Faces of future leaders

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Zoo Negara Field Trip

This is my first field trip that I ever planned and I am so excited!!! Never before had I planned a trip even during my years in Maktab because I am the type of person who does not like to deal with documents and going through the tiring procedures. Forms, paperwork, letters, you name it. But now, I realised that the process of planning the trip was quite easy. 

After completing and sending all the documents needed to PPD and passing the letters of permission to the parents, I went to the Zoo Negara 2 days prior for a survey. It is important so that I could become more familiarised with the place.

On the field trip day, we firstly had our breakfast at the school canteen with the delicious fried noodles and hot tea. The bus leaves the school compound at 8.00 am and arrived at the zoo around 9.00 am. When we tried to purchase the tickets, the online system was down, so the zoo management issued traditional receipt instead of the wristbands. The entrance fee was RM11 for school students and RM16 for teachers. These fees included the pass to observed the panda. 

After giving a short briefing to the teachers and students, each group went separately to the specified animals. The animals for my groups (four groups of them) were quite far from others, so we need to rush up and kept the fast pace at all the time. 

All group gathered at the Kids World at 11.30 am, right before the Animal Show started. After the show, they walked out to the zoo entrance for some snacks and lunch. All students were firstly required to wash their hands with Dettol handwash provided and dried them up using the napkin, also provided. I really put an emphasis on the hygiene aspect because we do not know where these children's hand been to touch. 

After having our meal under the shady trees, we went in back again and headed straight to the Panda Complex. It was quite a big complex which houses 3 famous pandas in Malaysia. We only managed to see the male panda and sadly he was enjoying his napping time. Around 2.30 pm, we went straight to the Musolla to perform our Zuhur prayer before heading back to school at 3.00 pm. And that was the wrap of our field trip.

I had some positive feedbacks from the teachers and the students. Most of them said that though it was a tiring trip but they were really enjoyed the trip and had a great time at the National Zoo. I hoped that I will be able to plan another exciting trip in the future, Insya Allah.  

Done surveying the site

Happy faces of 5 Dinamik

Ready to explore the zoo

Animal show which I had missed because I was busy with the food packs

Hand sanitizing before having our lunch

Photoshoot at Panda complex

Busy taking the information about panda

Zoo Negara: Misson Accomplished!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Balcony Gardening

It is almost a year since the idea of setting up my own balcony garden first crossed my mind. Now that I have some extra money, I had bought the gardening utensils required for this project. To make things easier, I bought all the seeds, some pots and the gardening soil from Tesco Ara Damansara though it cost more than buying from the plant nursery. 

Apart from the gardening tools and materials, I also bought a rack from IKEA which cost about RM70. On the shopping day, I was planning on getting the HYLLIS steel rack which cost only about RM40 but unfortunately, it was out of stock. I was quite disappointed at first but soon when I fixed up the rack, it really suits with the size of my balcony which then lead to the "nasib baik beli yang ni" moment. =P

After fixing up the rack, I sowed the seeds and water them in hope that they will soon grow healthily and happily. Now, I am officially a Balcony Gardener. =)

Some gardening materials

My tomato seeds begin to sprout 

KOM Technical Officer

I was on my practical duty as a KOM (Kesatuan Olahraga Malaysia) technical officer from 22nd February until 2nd March at the Track and Field Championship MSSD Petaling Perdana 2016. I was appointed as the "Penolong Pelepas" together with En. Jasman (a newbie as well) and En. Alias (experienced KOM officer).

It was a new experienced for me and I found it quite exciting as I had gained so much of knowledge from the experienced officers like En. Alias, En. Hamid, Kak Wan etc. In order to be fully qualified as a KOM officer, I need to undergo 5 major events. Two down, three to go. I hoped that I would be able to join the MSSS event in April, insya Allah.

With co-officer - Cikgu Jasman
Starting area
The officers of the event
Me with the quarter masters