Thursday, 27 July 2017


Topic 10, the Peach Boy is one of my favorite topics as I am able to introduce to the students the fascinating culture of Japan. Growing up with manga and anime makes me more appreciative towards the culture of this Land of Rising Sun. Apart from singing the song and learning to doodle some of Momotaro's characters, we also had planned out to have a short drama presentation based on the story itself. 

As usual, the students were so eager and enthusiastic in preparing all the costumes and props required for the performance. They came out with different ideas which some of them were unexpectedly creative and magnificent. After each performance, the students evaluate other group members through Peer Evaluation process. By doing this, the students will be aware of certain weaknesses that they have to improve for the next group presentation. 

In summary, the students had done a great job, where they collaboratively worked in groups, delivering the good products. My advice for other teachers who are afraid of doing group works, just give it a shot and do not underestimate these children's ability. You may be dazzled by their ability to come out with something beyond our thinking box. ͰM