Thursday, 9 February 2017

Cycling in Putrajaya

This time I had a chance to bring my bestie aka lab partner, Timah to roam around the administrative capital city, Putrajaya on the bicycle. We started our cycling at 6.15pm, which was quite late and ended up right after the Maghrib call of prayer. So, not so much places were covered this time where we were only managed to cycle around the grand Putrajaya Boulevard. Nevertheless, cycling on with this not-so-fit body was quite a challenge, especially when ascending and descending to and from the park next to the Jeti Putra. Thought I had enough cardio covered for a month with that. Still, there are lots of places that I need to explore in the next cycling trip. Couldn't wait for that! | ͰM

Sunday, 5 February 2017

KL Car Free Morning

Today, I am so excited. I literally had a great time at KL Car Free Morning. It was my first time being here and what I can say about this event was SUPERBLY AWESOMEE!

I wished to come to this event since last year but usually, those whom I invited cancelled at the eleventh hour. So this time I planned on going there, by hook or by crook. No more relying on others and I should start going on my own.

At first, Miss Nethia was the only person who interested in joining me. Then, unexpectedly two of my other colleagues interested in joining as well. The more the merrier. So we decided to carpool there.

We met at around 6.15 at the Petronas Station before going straight to the Asia Jaya. Unfortunately, I missed the station and turn out parking at the University of Malaya's mosque. (Do not park here though because it is restricted for the congregations). We waited there for Nethia to pick us up.

Supposedly we should be there at 7.00 am but we were about 30 minutes late. At that moment I was thinking of 'okay, another disastrous moment', 'no bikes left' and 'just walk or jog around KL, great!'. This is because the earlier night before I had read a blog post about KL Car Free Morning where some of the bloggers came as early as 6.00 am just to grab the 100 free bicycles. Great..

Soon when we reached the Dataran Merdeka, I was so relieved to see there were some bikes left for us. So we decided to rent three bikes, a big-tire-off-road bike for Nethia, a tandem bike for Ruzanna and Nakiah, and a mountain bike for me. It was then at the starting line that we realised there were still so many free bikes available at the OCBC tents. What a waste!

After about one hour cycling and taking photos along the 7 km route, we finally reached the finishing line. I love to see how people were having a great time on the road cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding, hoverboarding and jogging.

What makes it even nicer was when we see the DBKL band marching on the road. The great morning view of the city and the sound of music echoed through the buildings on the roadside enliven the event. Everything there surely made me happy. It somehow recalled the fond memories of my childhood, cycling around the village with my silver bike.

I absolutely would suggest to everyone who lives in the vicinity of KL to come and join this great event. This perhaps would be the best weekend activity with family and friend, rather than lepaking at the boring shopping mall. | ͰM