Monday, 6 November 2017

Army Themed Party : 5 Cendekia

Today, 5 Cendekia had organized a farewell party as a part of school's yearly tradition. As usual, I had given the full autonomy to my students to plan out and organized the party themselves. Since our classroom's theme is the army, so we decided to put army theme for our party as well. 

I firstly distributed the job scope to the pupils according to their groups. Each group then planned out and executed things like; preparing food and beverages, venue, backdrops and decorations, planning out games to be carried out during the party, performance, preparing the presents and hampers for the lucky draw and also preparing the text for the emcee. All were done by the students themselves.

The menu for this year was quite different from last year's as I managed to order KFC (Snack Plate), and JCo Donuts, as well as the complimentary homemade foods brought by the students. Besides that students also were given an opportunity to operate a float drink counter and serve the float ice creams. 

We also invited some other teachers to our party, where they were given the honour to present gifts and mini hampers to the lucky draw winners. After having the lucky draw session, the students then played games such as musical chair and shooting range. All were prepared by the students. 

Overall, I was so happy that the student managed to come out with such a great party. Special thanks I bid to the parents who sponsored our magnificent army cakes, putting up decorations as well as sponsoring the presents and hampers. To all my students, as usual, you had really done a great job. The memories shall forever be cherished in my mind. InsyaAllah. | HM

5 Cendekia, 2017